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At this time the Bicycle Traveler website is experiencing some 'technical difficulties' so it is not possible to subscribe or access the past issues archive.

The magazine is published 'on the road' and we're now cycling in East Africa. As soon as we find a strong and steady wifi connection in a quiet environment (not next to a disco or television that is blaring out an English premier league football game!)  - we will try to fix the problem.

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In this issue:

The “Why” question
Edward Genochio reflects on why he takes bicycle journeys.

Inspirational photos
Diverse images from the bike touring survival guide book cover photo contest.

Gijs Stevers
Cycled from Norway to South Africa on an electric bike.

Equipment information and more…

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"Bike Touring Basics" is a free magazine, created by to help answer the questions that so many people have when they’re planning a first tour. It will tell you about budgeting and planning for a tour, which bike to buy, the other equipment you'll need and good places for a first tour.

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Bicycle touring photography - A quick guide to taking better pictures

This free new eBook from photographer Paul Jeurissen is full of inspirational tips and tricks that will aid you in shooting better cycling images.

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